it is reported that the well-known network marketing service provider and the domestic leader in the field of search marketing — new interactive International Limited in the industry point, its self-developed products called DotMore in advertising. The company through the establishment of cooperation with the site, placed the ad code in this paper, a huge advertising alliance in this paper. The product after two months of trial sales situation, for the enterprise products, services, brand promotion, etc., from the actual situation of delivery, each year the amount invested enterprises will be in 8000-10000 yuan, the China 17 million small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 30 billion of the size of the potential value of every year. At present, 9158, Beida, Zhengda hospital and many small and medium enterprises and the typical customer advertising DotMore cooperation.

Taobao, a new career was launched in 2007. It was called "Taobao"". Taobao customers, equivalent to online shopping guide, only need to establish a website, plus other stores code links, promotion of other shops and goods. If the buyer succeeds in the transaction, Taobao can earn the Commission of the store, known as the "zero cost" investment industry. Nowadays more and more people work as Taobao customers, as a successful personal monthly income of tens of thousands. According to industry insiders, some more specifically to do the Taobao visiting team, accounting for several million a week. Different from the online customer service is, Taobao customers can go to blogs, forums, websites and other channels to promote, do not like customer service, passive buyers, such as door-to-door consultation.

After the birth of

Commission is 1.5% to 50%

store by Taobao passenger earning 50 thousand

      the main mode of network propaganda is the promotion of search engine keyword search, Internet companies mainly rely on the hits to win advertisers. "So many Internet companies are malicious click behavior." An unnamed insiders said.

" of profit

"Amoy boss", Sun Guosheng began to help friends for "adult supplies" do promotion and established a web site, at that time, he also met "Taobao guest" this thing. Web site for some time, Sun Guosheng found a problem, although many products, but the site traffic is very small, promotion is very laborious.

online store tens of thousands of buyers have a demand that is, want someone to guide, rather than in large shops, so blindly looking for" produced "Taobao" in this occupation, is to help buyers online shopping guide, Taobao will make guest taobao shopping guide. The current Taobao web site, some of the main push shops, while others push single products, and some push a single type of products.

common website change shopping guide website

, a friend said to have an income of 50 yuan own guest site every day, Sun Guosheng studied and found that the users of the site is completely artificial release product, large quantity, rich in content, update speed, he realized, out well, income is very considerable. So he made a big revision of his website. Completely changed into a shopping guide website, plus daily updated products, revision of the first month, revenue reached 200 yuan, although not much money, but Sun Guosheng is the site for the first time a monthly income of more than hundred dollars, to enhance the confidence of customers do Taobao. Later, he found that if my heart to do, the monthly income of 10000 yuan is absolutely no problem.

      in this case, the text related integrated network promotion by the multi service content. It is reported that the extension service in web content search, Pay-Per-Call, online instant communication in one, let the small and medium-sized enterprises to minimize the cost of obtaining the best online promotion revenue.

according to Taobao guest Sun Guosheng said, online a "sheepskin shoes God" shop, the monthly turnover of more than 50 thousand, basically by Taobao customers to promote. Taobao’s team is growing. Taobao customers enter the threshold is relatively low, but usually need to establish a website for promotion, requiring Taobao customers need to have relevant website operation experience, mainly in the optimization and update of the website. Taobao off to part-time people, every day takes only one or two hours to optimize your website, but the monthly income of over 10000, and full-time Taobao off team, weekly income can reach more than a few million.

    different ranks in the shlf1314 and sh419 keyword search advertising to sales. The advertisement service effectively eliminates malicious click. After from the "interest" to "want to further understand the" two steps after the user to click, click every time before users can understand the content of the click after. At the same time the advertising service is also a collection of online communication and voice calls, visitors can in the first time and advertisers to achieve dialogue, to ensure the best effect of delivery.

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