last show, his music station, liver.

believes that most of the individual owners, have joined the wireless application for every kind of ringtones alliance, paid monthly, weeks pay, pay day, tax deduction is not tax deductible, emerge in an endless stream. The quality is uneven, even though it is the best time to make money. But to find a few good alliances, do it together, seriously do stand, the effect is good. At the very least, the revenue will satisfy your space, domain name fees.

The cultivation of

3, A8: song ringtones, the results are good. Unfortunately, the speed is slow, the content is the least, and can not be tolerated.

the Hujiang founded by college students BBS started, after 10 years, today to become the leading Internet language learning portal.

held in the park geeks activities under the line "new education form", Hujiang network vice president Xu Hua introduced the user needs to grasp the innovation Hujiang to reporters, as a sort of geeks Park in time for the node:

5, 5 thousand Alliance: it is believed that the best, speed, content, song than any other alliance, 7 cents / minute, does not deduct the amount, do not charge fees, tax, pay day.

2, seven city: not very stable, and now there is a suspected amount of deduction, but relatively speaking, you can, the content is not bad, the daily payment, ICBC fees.

6, palm show: 06 years is OK, now the effect is not very good.

, tell me about the league I’ve done:

has been basically finalized in the traditional portal pattern of vertical integration and localization of today, more and more people have been found and attention, before exploring localization forum portal 19 floor, after the local head of the localization Denver Story, no matter what kind of form, its core is that how to find the user precise demand. A target audience, and to explore the path of your own. This, in the field of English teaching, Shanghai has.

1, LELE:05 years like the alliance, the current effect is much worse, slow.


Shanghai river network was founded in 2001 is a founded by college students English learning forum. After ten years, billions of users Hujiang network, developed into an English, French and Japanese etc. a complete language learning website, also build advertising, network school, B2C mall business model.

launched in 2005 Shanghai blog, and launched four > for examination requirements

4 and 91IRV: give it a few cents, only 5 cents, no bells, or a knot.

6, palm show: the current effect is not very good, less code content.

2001, Shanghai river network is called the Shanghai river network, called Shanghai language forest, due to the passage of time, this site has been unable to open, is an English Learning Forum was founded by college students. 2003, Hujiang forum as an on-line version, to learn English as the main topic of the forum, the exchange of content is limited in English learning. Shanghai BBS of such Internet most early forms of English learning into the network platform, began to explore in the network education of shanghai.

and several years in cultivating English education at the same time, and constantly tap the user new language learning needs, launched in Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish, German and other multilingual learning channel, strive to have vertical language learning needs of users, has achieved a good reputation, won the user market, slowly a multilingual language learning base. Then come back to see Shanghai river network, has not only had that can find free foreign language information, the discussion of BBS study, but has grown to 200 million users, 10 million members, the largest language learning portal.

vertical forum

innovation node: grasp the changes in user demand

‘s advice is that it is best to do it together, but not more than three. This test the effect of good home, the amount of serious problems buckle. Let’s feel it slowly.

was born in 2001, based on English learning, and launched a new edition in 2003 and tried to develop Japanese language.

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