now many young people are not willing to do only one office worker, and they all think that no matter at work how hard, how much wealth at work, are not able to meet the dream in my heart, so many people will choose entrepreneurship, in order to achieve the ideal, ignite passion. In the preparation of the initial plan, the main thing is to prepare enough funds, and many entrepreneurs also have to give up their entrepreneurial dream because of lack of funds. Now, when you meet this financial difficulty, you don’t have to worry about it. Ping An Pratt and Whitney will be able to provide financial assistance to help entrepreneurs with goals and ideals to accomplish their own entrepreneurial goals.

experience upgrade: electronic business platform integration of resources and data, to build marketing strategy to develop – to put on data monitoring – results feedback analysis of marketing closed loop, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade advertising marketing experience. For consumers, the adoption of "native wide"

resource integration: with the advent of mobile Internet era, the user network consumer behavior rapidly moving to the mobile terminal. In this context, the electronic business platform integration of the entire network of resources to expand the ability to reach users, platform values tend to diversify. The scene of the traffic and station catalyst environment combined with high quality media to join inspire users mental lead to the interest of the brand, creating opportunities for users; the station traffic and product communication, through the search and display advertising form wakes up the user purchase intention by consumer behavior.

entrepreneurs in Ping an inclusive loans, do not need a lot of tedious procedures and complex process, and after the approval of the success of personal business loans, also can get money in a very short period of time, so that we can in the first time to use the money business, realize their entrepreneurial dreams as soon as possible. So, in peace, Pratt & Whitney personal loans for business, more simple, the overall speed is faster. Especially for many young entrepreneurs, because their work is not a long time, personal savings is less, so business loans also in the way for them to solve the economic pressure, so that they can go on the road of entrepreneurship easier.

data to get through: big data integration has become an important driving force for digital marketing providers. Business platform provides data management platform open to advertisers, users of consumer behavior data and user data accumulated its own social behavior from the media and advertisers from real users purchase data for docking and integration, accurate depiction of user portrait, with user depth insight help advertisers achieve precise delivery.

report pointed out that the electricity supplier platform led electricity supplier digital marketing market presents three characteristics:

many entrepreneurs are concerned about the process of entrepreneurship loans are required to submit what procedures, especially the need for collateral problems. Many entrepreneurs are no collateral, and this you do not have to worry about, in peace, Pratt & Whitney can also loan. Ping An Pratt & Whitney flagship is unsecured loan projects, such as salary loans, life insurance loans, owner loans, etc., do not need to mortgage, you can loan success. And now a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of peace are Pratt, can clearly feel no unnecessary tedious steps, in time for the loan project, is very simple and convenient, so for many entrepreneurs, it is very attractive.

October 13th, "China electricity supplier digital marketing market special report Sharon" held in beijing. From the business platform, advertisers, the third party monitoring mechanism more than 50 digital marketing experts and professional elite gathered about the business of digital marketing industry in the future. On the spot, Analysys published the China electricity supplier digital marketing special report, combing and analyzing the digital marketing development and status in the electricity supplier field from several dimensions. As a business platform and on behalf of advertisers on behalf of Jingdong, group vice president Yan Weipeng, HP PC China electricity market part and the digital media director Wang Lishi was invited to attend the salon, share the electricity supplier operating experience and guests exchanges and provide more help for the majority of businesses in the electricity supplier of digital marketing.

"China electric digital marketing special report" made a series of deep interpretation of the Chinese electricity supplier marketing service market development background and characteristics: on the one hand, with the sustained release, the electricity supplier and the advertising industry related policies online shopping users to enhance the maturity from the quantity to the behavior and growth of network retail trade scale, the market is constantly Chinese electricity supplier marketing fast forward. On the other hand, advertisers increasingly diverse marketing needs, consumer decision-making path becomes longer, electricity providers, marketing services providers surge in the number of factors, but also for the electricity supplier marketing platform brings new challenges. From marketing decisions to advertising, big data, cloud computing and other Internet technology is advancing rapidly, electricity supplier marketing industry continues to upgrade and change. In this process, the electronic business platform with its internal and external marketing resources to control, as well as tracking user purchasing behavior and other advantages, open up the upper and lower reaches of the industry, to achieve the full link marketing market layout.

a customer in the process will be very hard, these entrepreneurs in the efforts of entrepreneurship, will also set a goal for yourself, the target relative to many young people, is able to achieve, but as long as the efforts to adhere to the entrepreneurial path, will realize this idea. Therefore, in the lack of initial funds on the issue, and now many entrepreneurs are willing to choose peace inclusive to solve their economic problems, because here for the benefits of entrepreneurial loans.

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