e-commerce and traditional enterprises have many similarities, the same is to the user group and the transaction transformation as the goal, is to use different tools and mode is slightly different, an e-commerce company through various modes of e-commerce to maintain the company’s operation, direct point that is in order to survive, the electronic commerce business the network model is the most discussed and least understood topic, here are nine core business model of electronic commerce.

is very simple in the early stage of e-commerce model, through a very simple channel to achieve the transaction, such as television, radio, auction advertisements, the beginning, who make money, how much money, are not very good to control, but with the gradual development of electronic commerce, we can put the commercial pattern classification agency model advertising model and information intermediary, business model, factory direct sales, marketing, community members, the subscription model, the utility mode of nine kinds of model of e-commerce, e-commerce channels are various, that is to say each channel method will have a variety of products and services to promote, through the optimization of the page, customer service the conversion to the transaction, so as to obtain the maximum benefits, and a business model is to collect and sell traffic flow, in which the typical example is Taobao , we all know that Taobao’s Ma is doing the electricity supplier to do the best of an entrepreneur, the current model is still very much in the enterprise through this model, the following details of the nine core models of e-commerce.

, a proxy mode: the relationship between the agents belong to a middle layer of interest, by proxy to the enterprise product, to provide goods and sell products to the buyer together with the seller and the buyer of the transaction, can be any one group, can be enterprises, consumers and consumer markets, such as Taobao’s Taobao customer. Taobao customer agent of Taobao products by sellers, using their own promotion way to find potential user groups, to sell the product, and get a commission into in a proxy mode which is very simple, but the mechanism of other industries are not the same, but all this.

two: the traditional advertising model, advertising model and online advertising model, if you care enough, you can see the similarities and differences between traditional advertising, basically is to serve the nearby users around the disadvantage is that it is difficult to find the potential users, and the network advertisement, will expand the advertising media in there are users on the platform, the text ads or image ads show to the user before allowing users to understand, but the delivery of these ads are free and paid, some traffic to sell the payment platform, Sina, Sohu, NetEase is the largest portal website, many of their daily flow. Like the street every day there are a lot of people, if the ads on their website (www.hejianyong.com), there will be a lot of people see your ad, which point Hit your ads to achieve the interests of the transaction, but these ads in the limited funds, the average person is not much money to vote, like the line, people crowded places

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