we often say we need to have a good user experience, but what is a good user experience? User experience is a purely subjective feeling that builds up during the user’s visit to the site. Simply put, the user experience is a feeling, the same site for different users will have different experiences. Because a large number of web users, can not meet every user needs, so the overall principle of user experience is concise, easy to use. How to improve the user experience, from the details to start, is a good way.

reduces the time a user starts accessing a web site and enriches the login window.

if a website access threshold is too high, such as access speed is too slow, web pages can not open, or landing / registration process cumbersome, may reject users. Before the dream of the river Blog Post wrote "provide more convenient for website user login window", just from the landing site of the window, rich user visits the site, reduce access steps, save time. In order to better mesh (http://s.1608.cn/) as an example, the flower delivery platform, log in, log in as far as possible to meet the various needs of different users, users avoid multiple registrations, reduce the start to visit the website, you can login with QQ, micro-blog, Alipay and other means, convenient user operation, starting from the details, improve the user experience.

empathy, standing at the user’s point of view: what do I need?.

with the development of the Internet, online shopping has become an important means of consumption for Internet users, and more and more online shopping platforms. In a great variety of industry related websites, how to let users choose your platform, stay in your website, you need to perfect as many details as possible. Take online ordering as an example, the service determines whether the user chooses your platform when the flowers are fresh and the price is the same. This service is not only in the website page design, but also in the online order of each process. In the order process and there is a fence, "flowers period time, the user can choose according to the morning, noon or evening flowers, you can even use the timer service. Just think, if we want to send flowers, is also considering what time she received flowers better? Range to meet the needs of users, although the time is just a simple choice, can let the user experience to the main site only from careful service, let the user experience satisfaction, will form a long-term user.

believes in human based, increased human and innovative web services.

modern society says "people-oriented", and some people will be lively. We also want to see more human services in your web services. In most websites, the first sentence of "customer service" is "welcome". I’m an online customer service and I’m glad to be of service to you. It’s very polite, but there is always a lack of subjective and active information. Perhaps it’s because too many websites have adopted the same ">

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