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old K has been to forty-third period, the guests Zhuang Pengshan, 2002 joined the China Internet Corporation Xiamen scholar, served as the 258 navigation product manager, marketing director, business department general manager. In the website user experience and product promotion has a very deep attainments, is the Xiamen scholar SME information service one-stop system leadership core members.

at the end of 2008, founded the train network, the website mainly provides the train ticket inquiry, at present the website daily visit quantity is stable in several hundred thousand, the monthly income is above 80 thousand.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership exceeded 2500, 5 500 people crowd almost full, only a small number of seats to be added, no publicity. New open six groups (500 people) are interested in adding, group number is: 47595511.

thank you for your support for thousand people’s lectures. At present, all 43 lectures, collection address for Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end!!!! please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

how to quickly improve traffic, there are several points, first, we first choose a good site reservation.

number one, topic selection. If you want to make traffic through the site, then your website theme content must choose some of the more popular topic of the Internet, there are places where rivers and lakes, many people are boiling rivers and lakes. This is the foundation you want to engage in traffic, a very hot topic of intense competition, it is difficult for you to make a top-ranking website, there is no ranking you have no chance to get traffic, popular topic easy to do rankings, but no one search, one can’t make bricks without straw, even if you do ranked first, you still can’t come flow. Therefore, the topic is the choice of late site traffic flow premise, this needs your own positioning.

, for example, our train network, selected topic is the train timetable, the reservation is to travel, tourism, travel agencies also need students, he needs to do tourism offer, I think a question to answer, for the better, this is the first problem, the first is the content of reservation is the key, for example, you need to do is place to find a lot of content, or directly generated content, select OK, next is the key, the domain name is also related to the important key for example, why, because we do the new station, a move is to rely on search, so the choice of the domain name is also good for optimization now, we all know some search optimization, for example, the optimization on the chain, and chain, PR, etc., and also the ranking, a domain name age, for example, now has a similar website. These domains are different

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