how to make the website "website" mark in 360 search, many students are in accordance with the marker prompt a step by step operation, then jump to the third party authentication platform, in fact, Xiao Bian is over, these third parties are the lowest fee of 3600 a year, it is too pit. Last month, Xiao Bian accidentally tried 360 webmaster tools, and found the "official website direct" function on-line. Personally tried a pair, two working days, really successful. This is out to share with you, I hope we can help.


first of all, we need to register a belongs to their 360 webmaster account, and Baidu webmaster a kind of, this is not specific said. Add the site you need and verify it. This I generally like file verification, do not need to change the code, used, in the deletion is very convenient, it is recommended that we are doing so.



then, after the site verification on the topic – the official website direct, select your site submitted for testing, there are individual conditions for the record, not illegal, security monitoring by testing, and reached 85 points. Currently does not support: home appliance repair, decoration companies, moving companies, Taobao customers, personal blog, loan companies, stock recommendations, travel agencies, health care, slimming, PW, lottery, SMS and high risk industries etc..


security testing, according to 360 steps, step by step testing it. Security monitoring may take some time. 10 minutes! Tested. Here test 97 is not bad, not only can test their site security risks, both of its beauty, why not?.




is finally through the three test, click next to fill out your information, it is worth noting that the website name can be completed two, usually your brand search volume of the largest two words. When the last click Submit reminder: point to submit 5-10 seconds, and did not look almost, let a person feel like not already submitted, you are prompted to lock in the site will submit 360, do this quite cheap



according to this process, submit, wait a couple of days. 360 webmaster tools, this is in the draw users, this function is better as soon as possible, and later may not have, or charge. Finally hope to see, useful to everyone.

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