"you today" seconds "?" in December 23rd, the reporter saw a small high friend came such a special greeting. The second is the "seckill", refers to the tension of online shopping consumers panic buying goods count every minute and second special offer. She said: "if the ‘seconds’ time, a dollar can buy 888 yuan shirt, 10 yuan can buy a sofa, many high quality and inexpensive goods often just on shelves were looted, even less than a second rate of out of stock."

Gao said, every Monday night at 19:55, her mobile phone alarm will ring on time, she immediately switch the page to your favorites in taobao.com a clothing business of the new area, and then nervously staring at the screen, refresh again and again. 20 o’clock, small high place eye color, number, and finally click "I want to buy". When the screen appears in the record of the transaction, the small high in the second place, she was just a breath, the name of the brand name of her shirt by the second to spend less than $70 two. "Second ‘is to earn," said Gao, "spike" can not only save money, but also many users at the same time to start the auction is also very exciting feeling. Every time ‘second’ to the favorite products, I have a sense of accomplishment."

browse Taobao, 55BBS and other sites, the merchant’s spike information everywhere. It is understood that the spike from the online game, that is a short time to kill the opponent, and now has become a synonym for online merchants buy time limit. Many businesses have also been super high click through rate, much more expensive than the cost of spending too much. Reporters from a shop selling records to see, within a week of the men’s shirts are warm shop only users in Shanxi "seckill" more than 4 thousand pieces, plus the rest of goods shelves last week, a total of more than 250 thousand yuan of business sales. Even if only 10% of business profits, also can gain 25 thousand yuan.


online shopping is very popular, but most of the traditional store to shop up businesses still used approached the day orders, the vast majority of brand stores still hung Business Hours to 17 points at the end of the sign. Affected by the majority of Internet users online time and habits, the shop is generally booming night business.

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