chatted with friends a few days ago, talking about the current economic crisis, how difficult to find a job on top of it, indeed, now the work is particularly difficult to find. The author is now staying at home. Many of our friends have seen "promise" of the TV series, XuSanDuo in class 5 days a great inspiration to me, other comrades in class 5 have nothing to do every day, like we are now unemployed, and schurrle what are you doing? Goosestepping practice aimed and so on, this is done in the amount of accumulation, lay the foundation for future. XuSanDuo success. And we should do the same, although we are not sure if we can succeed.

back to the point, we take the local Tangshan, in addition to the recruitment network, the government has a talent network and an advertising company recruitment network, the station would not have said, basically half do not update information. Other recruitment stations are using a free personal, business model of profit. We have to think about it, can we do a talent station, in the current form, for individuals, enterprises, "all free", we discuss after the decision, of course, can do. By day and night time site out, named "Hebei talent network" For the promotion of the following ideas, may wish to disclose to everyone, with a similar idea of the webmaster discussion.

number one: telemarketing. This is useful for underdeveloped areas. The target is directed at other web sites, and you’ll be happy to call him for free.

second: major colleges and universities, to each school advertising column placed some advertising, or to the student union for promotion, the effect will be very good.

third: send some cards to the job fair

other. Not to mention, we can play. I just entered the line, but feel a little, do grassroots Adsense really not easy. But one thing, don’t just think, go ahead. By the end of Mr. Ma’s words: If not now, When If not me, Who?!?!!!! And you share.

stationmaster net begins reprint, please indicate source.

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