small and medium-sized websites because of its own characteristics, it is especially important to select what kind of topic, a website topic chose well, then you can own lead to lay a solid foundation of traffic, and if the choice of the topic is not good, it is likely that no matter what Seo do, site traffic is on don’t go, has been in a state of half-dead. Small and medium-sized websites because they can not attract a large number of users, it is not possible to recklessly and the large sites in the breadth, so should do more work in depth, with profound topics retain users. So now there is a practical question to be solved: can small and medium sites survive on niche topics,


my answer is: yes.

one, why?.

first of all, there are user requirements. Demand determines value, and only demand has the inevitability of existence. The user’s needs determine the source of a niche topic website. Why the user needs in this area? As a niche topic and other popular topics, such as the topic of population is relatively fixed, people study more deeply, so in the popular topic on the website without their place, they need a specific to your circle of website, this requirement ensures the possibility of niche persistent topic website. In addition, people’s tastes are different, the whole society needs a full range of information rich and colorful, so it provides a niche topic there are a lot of soil, which makes the webmaster friends do a niche topic not anxious to find a small attractive topic.

secondly, the competition is not fierce. It is no exaggeration to say that face choose a niche topic that the front is a blue ocean, many small topics have not been developed, large sites do not provide the corresponding channel to most users, the site provides topics are generally broad and profound, the people could not find the relative professional the content in the large web sites, many people have to worry a lot of low-grade white and large web sites, many users, but these users pay much attention to the content mostly focus on entertainment gossip, a niche topic content appear will be rolling news horse to rush to the bottom, there may be little head.

finally, there is the possibility of development. If a web site can not be developed, there is no investment necessary to provide specialized website for users to place a niche topic, such a website so that they can find like-minded people, although many times they can build friendship in other sites, but in this niche topic website with more technical content ensure the technical content, deep user stickiness, can make the site development.

two, how to ensure advantage?.

we talked about niche topics, because the group is small, but the quality of users is good, the scope of influence is large, so it will inevitably be developed after receiving special attention of large websites, accidentally, they may also launch one

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