as broadband becomes more and more popular, more and more Internet users, more and more love station, after the establishment of a personal website is very low cost, domain name, space and in a year is a few hundred dollars, but how to make millions of talent shows itself website, website content location is very important. Here’s my personal website (free home) and let’s talk about it:

1, the feasibility to establish a personal website: Although the cost is very low, but we are still here to analyse the feasibility of network construction, including technology and content update problem, after all, money is not a problem, but if the establishment of a small portal, I want to rely on a single person is not realistic, I advise you to give up well, the best market survey of again. For individual webmaster, demand for funds is not affected, mainly is the technology, if you do not understand the program and art, I want to give up or as well, of course, does not rule out someone willing to pay others to realize, after all Money talks, bullshit walks.

2, unique content: the location of the web site, we must first understand the site at what level, correctly understand why type of customer service, the content must be assigned to the needs of the users, only really determine what the user needs, can provide valuable content to users, to attract users to the two visit, only this site is easy to succeed.

3, the same type of comparison website: identify a website localization, can according to their own web site keywords to search engine check, which has the same type of website, the website scale how, if you can really think of a everybody needs and no one in the direction of the ten points you success is the probability of a lot. Of course, not that there are many websites of the same type. I don’t do it. As long as you can provide what users really need, and make features and differences, there is great hope.

4, how to profit: for individual owners, how to profit is the fundamental problem, financial crisis, personal website profit model is a single, only then several, GGAD, advertising alliance, sub pay, but for a want to develop the site, if the site was not enough, clear positioning, find not a good profit model, it directly affects the development prospects of the website.

website localization is to determine the content of the direction, the direction errors failure, and bigger sites for small owners, not too realistic, after all, to maintain such a large web sites need to support too many editors, information resources, technology, promotion and marketing etc.. The greater cost of the wrong direction is a waste of human, financial, material and other resources, and even if it pays a lot of work, it will be difficult to obtain returns.

himself has made a "free home" resource network website, web site:, welcome to discuss and discuss with me.

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