network marketing to run traditional product success secrets and actual cases

first statement, I write to friends and communication; text between direct use of colloquial language to write; personal purpose is to put out the related knowledge and ideas with their own understanding, in order to provide for your reference, I hope everyone’s opinions, to improve I,


first please allow yourself a simple introduction, 06 years in November —07 May in yettie on this website with some websites do a single, free occupation; in May 07 with the money investment by an Internet company, mainly to undertake the enterprise website and promotion; in March 1st 08 transfer company, decided to invest the cause of network marketing;

I am the transfer of the company, is a Dongguan network company in the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, perception develops too hard; the two is also a chance that a motor company boss found me and I want to do network marketing; I am more optimistic; they give up the company;

begins to focus on: Website Optimization and web marketing,

The relationship between

one or two:

1, the first point: website optimization is not network marketing;

network marketing is a systematic process, popular understanding, it is a product through the website platform displayed, and sold out, gain the process;

2 and second point of view: website optimization is an integral part of network marketing;

ancient people said: "the workers want to do their business, they must first benefit their devices, the overall network marketing, website optimization process, in fact, is" benefit its device "process, just like building a house, you must lay a good foundation;

network marketing case is really too much, here, I just use my personal understanding and is aimed at the traditional enterprise network marketing process, I once wrote an article called "death", the development of network company, is actually for me this idea to write, but write the appropriate some rough it; in my understanding, the success of the traditional industry, network marketing, simple to understand is:

select good products + the right best website optimization + maximum potential, the potential customers into the actual customer + enterprise production capacity + follow-up customer maintenance = successful profit

two, network marketing model related

1, choose a good product:

this is a very important step! Choose the right products, together with the correct operation, the probability of success is very high; but if you choose the wrong product, it is bound to fail; this time, you will certainly ask: "what kind of products is a good product?" personally, since to do network marketing then, is the first to consider this product to potential customers.

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