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hot startup powerset plans? The 3 year old company founded by Dr Barney Pell, and recently launched a semantic search experience for Wikipedia.

people suspect that Microsoft bought the company not just to boost its search business. Is likely to copy Wikipedia solutions, insert the powerset browser, in this post we look at the story behind this acquisition.

Most of the comments that began with

did not impress the release of the powerset product. Critics appreciated the semantics of user interface innovation is to realize its potential, but that it will not improve Wikipedia to a great extent. So, from a lukewarm comment, Microsoft was expected to buy it. 1 billion of the price tag is about 5 times the A series of 1 billion 200 million, plus 800 million of the investment to the company. The Microsoft executive must believe that powerset is a weapon against google.

what’s today’s powerset,


given a set of unstructured information, powerset application of natural language processing technology to extract concepts and the key semantic concepts from the original, and then builds a semantic index (similar to Google) and the relationship between the entity concept map. This graph is usually expressed in multiples of RDF three.

One of the innovations of

powerset is that semantics is localized to the user interface. Load context plug-ins to help users browse unstructured information.

many people think powerset is an ordinary semantic search engine, but its first product is limited to Wikipedia, and the technology is widely applied to the whole web world, and its value is very high.

why is powerset so powerful,


, when semantic technology emerged a few years ago, people began to talk about semantic web sites or semantic search, which became the killer of google. Because semantic search can deliver more relevant results, because it "knows" content.

doesn’t think that’s the case, and semantic search doesn’t have a particularly big advantage over the statistical methods used by google. There are related discussions in blog Semantic, Search – Myth, and, Reality.

What is the most powerful thing about

powerset? It is not that it tries to search web pages as a whole. Now, this solution is successful in Wikipedia, but the infrastructure is generic, so it can be applied to other sites to enhance the effect. A mature context summary can be used to search for anything.

does not handle the entire web page. This method may be considered first for specific web sites.


‘s positive news for Google?


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