in the recent log user search found that many users do not use our design label, but on the external search engine input related content, search, after returning to our page. The question is whether our labels are not perceived by the user or the user does not understand the significance of the label, which has forced me to rethink the role of labels in the web.

1. Why do you care about Web tags?

tags are an important way of simplifying websites, which represent a lot of information about the web site, which is aimed at leading users to quickly and easily browse the website without any obstacles. Such as "about us" is a label, representing a large content, including company information, address, telephone and fax, users see "about us" can understand the label on the back of the content. Recently, I have also been concerned about the information architecture of the web site. The tag is an important part of the information architecture. Here are some ideas about the design of Web tags in conjunction with the website’s log analysis.


two, tag classification,

in fact every one of us is a label designer, we every day for themselves or for others to do a variety of labels, QQ data has a friend impression function, you can add a variety of labels for your friends; there are now more fire small add tags to their functions, Flickr upload pictures can be added the label for each picture, convenient for other users to search view, currently the largest online bookmarking site Delicious is also more and more Internet friends welcome. General site label is oriented to all users, most users can understand the label is a good label, the label website probably divided into the following four types: navigation tags, title tags, labels and tags situation index.

navigation label is well understood, the navigation bar is the site, we first look into the site is the site navigation, the general structure, navigation can let users understand the site for example, the same way network is the eleven navigation tags, corresponding to the "home", "six travel products" and "three auxiliary products".

title tag is a large piece of information description, sometimes when users browse our website only a glance, do not want to spend too much time to check, the title tag requires classification, different levels should have different effect on the vision, as Cheng know the classification problem is a class right sidebar title tag, corresponding the following "eat", "live", "line", "travel", "purchase" two title tag.

context tags are a special kind of tag, as the name suggests, is a label based on context, and if the entire site and content can create a user usage context, the tag is one

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