has been, the webmaster is busy for their website traffic, for the webmaster, traffic is money, is the main source of income of the webmaster. So everyone is trying to improve the flow of their website.

But with the changing

advertising model, source of stationmaster income is also changing quietly, to enhance the site’s traffic is no longer aimless, but to find more close to the theme of the site, to find the target user groups, more valuable traffic. In fact, such changes, and the development of e-commerce has a great relationship, but also with the advertising union CPS effect advertising related.

someone may ask, what is the relationship between the development of e-commerce and the income of the webmaster?. In fact, you are wrong to understand it. Whether it is like customers such as B2C, or like Taobao, Baidu has ah, such C2C. To achieve better sales, and tens of thousands of small and medium-sized webmaster inseparable. Especially the B2C class e-commerce platform, even more so. Other sites often visit friends know whether in NetEase, such as Phoenix large portal, or some other small website, you can see VANCL advertising, these ads, most part of the small and medium-sized site is through the CPS effect of advertising alliance. Through CPS advertising, brings new profit point to some small sites, especially some of the vertical class website, to choose some suitable CPS ads according to their website theme and user groups, increase their income, so I also heard many webmaster friends about.

has a friend, a few months ago made a website called shopping mall, in fact, is a simple shopping navigation site, originally is also doing play, and did not want to use this site to make any money. So it does not how to promote, the flow is not high, every day is a 300 independent IP, like this website, if do click on the advertisement, probably a month did not earn a pack of money, monthly advertising is no one is willing to put in, so there has been no consideration of the hanging advertising to make money things, but recently found him at the top of the page to do a very OK network called LOGO advertising, I thought he received monthly advertising, privately asked him what time to take this advertisement, how much money each month, but he told me that this is just a CPS advertisement, do is Yiqifa advertising advertisers advertising. Did less than half a month, but also made a small profit of more than 100 yuan! After listening to his words, I feel a bit unreliable.

I know, for CPS advertising, as long as through your advertising, resulting in actual sales, you will get the appropriate Commission, not how much traffic on your website to calculate how much advertising fees. The choice of advertisers mainly depends on the amount of commission given by advertisers and the ladder, as well as product types and brand awareness of advertisers. For small and medium-sized Web site owners, the flow of their own site is limited, but also to choose their own sites for advertising patterns and advertising products, so as to effectively mention

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