Internet every day in the development, especially in China, the daily growth of countless websites, then followed by the growth of countless webmaster, including the old webmaster, there are new webmaster. I think most of the people would not say he is very busy, especially the new Adsense just contact site, almost always complain every day staring at the data that no time to rest, busy is a good thing, but if it is blind busy, that is the pure mixing time.

Bruce Lee, I think we are not unfamiliar, a great Chinese, the rhythm of his life too much, just like his life, perhaps, he used thirty years of time, but finished the cause of life, although his achievement is admirable, but who is not his died young and regret it so, do? A great career is busy, but we should cherish their own bodies, only in good health, in order to continue his career, otherwise everything is empty.

often see many webmaster, almost a day after a day at the computer, observation data, network promotion, customer survey, has been repeated, what is more for a few days away from work, yes, we should admire such a webmaster, at least, they are successful on the road to pay how difficult, or even to your health as the price, in fact I believe that doing business, it will succeed. I was moved by their dedication and diligence, but also to these diligent webmaster as an example.

especially in the last few days, in order to open a new site in Beijing examination Bookstore and busy, almost every day only a few hours of sleep, because the bookstore is different from traditional entertainment and consulting site, it is the book, there is no free information you need, in addition to the purchase of books will come to my site other people will not patronize, because the purchase is in need of money, so the traffic is from the beginning as can be imagined, I tried to do blog propaganda, opened dozens of blog, even every day, plus other ways, this price is less than three hours a day of rest, after all and I have a formal job, every time I go to the company, I have no spirit, but I am always eager to stare at the data every day, will not see, it seems not dependably, but perhaps is that look forward to the hearts of the. I’m looking forward to seeing the effect. Yes, three months. The volume of visits is up, and it seems to have reached the initial stage. But I seem to have been isolated from the world in the past 2 months. Besides the data, the website, and the thought of something else, it seems to have lost the meaning of life. And then reflect on, in fact, all just let nature take its course, good use of the method, I think, do not need to pay attention every day, and from time to time to update their own site, perhaps in the accumulation of growth.

I’m not a successful webmaster, so I also need to pay attention to the growth of more than others, I think there are many webmaster also like me, always busy, looking for their breakthrough, so he did not have time to rest. Here, just want to say, actually >

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