6.28 may be for your webmaster is a nightmare, I am no exception, this morning, I was basically behaved at the site, open the webmaster tools to see a ghost, the weight of 2 did not change, the snapshot didn’t, the chain is also normal, even more exasperating is included all gone, this is the big blow for a new head of operations for the elder sister ah, originally the development of our website is very good, a month will be the weight of 2, the main keywords are the top 3 websites, and more than 40 days to maintain IP 2000, in this case, what we are doing, I do the following things:

1. is the first stable mood of the boss, but the boss is as big and I, 90, I communicate with him, basically no problem, very can understand, here, give me eat this, let me restless heart temporarily not in anxiety, let me have a better state of mind to do a series of stable others emotional work. Thank you for being my good boss.

2. to stabilize their emotions, in doing some basic self-help work, so that the editor to maintain the update, the chain will be suspended.

3. and this line of friends to discuss, listen to their opinions, ask them to the station, did not expect, some of the station is still normal, at least one of my own to do more than 2 months the station did not pull the hair of children dance here I have a question: is Baidu specifically against us the new station? My friend said, group are discussing this question, there is one K several dozen stations, don’t worry about the comfort me. Well, this is very good, I am not gloat, but feel before the optimization idea is no problem, that is Baidu internal data problem, I thought, this recovery is not difficult, because I am not a person’s hair stand.

4., in addition to my friends and colleagues to discuss the 6.28 events, is sure to be on seowhy to see you, did not expect to play out is the only teacher of a K post on the 6.28, a large number of websites immediately, I will reply here, let me clear that Baidu is yourself the internal problems, not all my own site problem.

5. must, to check their original, there are still some problems, a: new sites, site for more than 1 months, the weight of 2, the actual stable IP 2000, so it will let Baidu, doubt, I will take it easy, not in action to the SEO, etc. after 2-3 months in efforts to optimize it. B: in fact, I still have some optimization over some aspects. After K, I made some minor adjustments.

6. about 2 p.m., I stood before the collection gone, but in the morning the editor’s hair of a few articles or received. And the snapshot is normal, so I suggest you calm down, since your station did not cheat, don’t be guilty, update as usual, keywords ranking also restored, pit father, but >

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