in March 17th this day, when most people are still on the weekend of hard work and earn a little pocket money, a 16 year old British entrepreneur Jonathan · Grubin had passed him the three sites dug the first pot of gold, only last year earned 75 thousand pounds ($150 thousand).

is the use of Grubin money at home, "affiliate marketing" mode, that is to open the site, to attract members, introduce the members to buy the products, finally get advertisers commission.

register for gift

lives in Newcastle, British Gus Grubin Fuchs District, school at the Royal grammar school. Grubin usually use computer in construction and maintenance of the website.

Grubin 12 years old when he opened his first website, young people to provide free download wallpapers and screensavers to mobile phone service, while other similar websites to download service charges.

two years ago, Grubin opened website. On this site, if visitors invite their friends to register as members, a certain number will be given free of charge, such as an apple iPod, a music player or a digital camera. At present, the site has more than 55 thousand registered members, giving a total value of about 25 thousand pounds (about 50 thousand U.S. dollars) gifts.

is still operating Grubin website, some of the city of Newcastle, reviews and directory information list.

success mode

Grubin has been on the Internet as well as its concept of interest, his success is called a "marketing mode of affiliate marketing". This model is based on the Internet. The website attracts people to register as members and provides relevant product advertisements to members. Advertisers pay commission to the owner of the website according to the number of members or the purchase of the products. website lists a variety of exciting electronic products, as well as the need to introduce how many friends, become members, you can get these gifts free of charge. The "how to operate" column says: "every time a member completes a transaction, the advertiser pays a commission on the site. We use the money to buy the gift for you."."

this site has attracted many advertisers. Grubin said: "advertisers soon realized the potential of the web," affiliate marketing "is very successful. If advertisers choose to advertise on television, they are not only expensive, but nothing can be guaranteed, but if my model is adopted, advertisers will only have to pay advertising fees when they see tangible results."

Grubin said, initially, he wanted to find a channel to get the fashion electronic products free of charge, and then developed the site, feel very interesting. >

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