site has just been done, the purpose is to study, so as to increase knowledge. If there is hope, it is best to come to the point of income is the best, just when the site is very annoying. However, Baidu’s day’s collection gives me some hope. Website operation a lot of time, you can’t stand the temperament of the affirmation, want to rely on their own site to earn a little money, at least into the space, domain name fees, as well as their own energy, many webmaster think so.

first thought about advertising. Find someone to advertise your website. Definitely not, unless you have thousands of traffic every day. Or no one will ever look at you. Then we can only think of advertising alliances, the best of which is gogle. If your domain name has not been used for more than 6 months, you won’t have to think about it. My website has been registered for more than 1 months. I just started to walk the wrong road. Be interested in and advertising to Google there, the deadly foreign dollar won’t take a head-on blow,, or to spend RMB. The Baidu advertising coalition is the second best of the ad league. This is not a foreign country so abnormal requirements. But his request is enough to make people die, for new sites is the end, leaving suspense.

I’ve applied for several times, and the Baidu League has failed, so I went to another advertising league. The result was a failure. None of the ads are full of ads for their websites. Speaking of here. We often see what kind of ads are overwhelming in irrelevant websites. This will upset the viewer. Therefore, the overall content of the advertising alliance has not yet (in addition to Baidu, and Google), and they have taken a lot of wrong road. Speak out and warn everyone. There are other websites that limit remittance cards, which is the worst. Sign up to last. No, the bank card here doesn’t work. I’m going to do one.. So choose the Baidu alliance.

‘s eligibility to join the Baidu alliance requires as follows:

Baidu affiliate refers to the following requirements of the website, software owner:

1) personal website and software: all of them shall be natural persons who have the citizenship of People’s Republic of China, have full civil capacity and be able to bear the legal responsibility independently.

2) commercial websites and software: commercial websites and software refers to websites owned by individuals, entities, organizations, etc. other than personal websites and personal software. The owner of a business website shall be an enterprise, legal person or entity or organization registered legally in the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

3) on the website and software requirements: Baidu union members shall ensure that their submitted to the Baidu alliance website has received all licenses and the approval of the relevant government departments, operation and management authority website, software. The operation of the website and software strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and the market development, promotion and related business activities of the website and software are legal. Web sites and software may not include but not limited to the following (and >

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