has been wandering on this vast network for 2 years, and when I look back on it, I find myself so much wasted. Wasted love, wasted youth, lost sight, ha ha. Playing games, hanging forums, talking about some of them do not know the so-called topic. And now, somehow I don’t know what to do, the net, my heart, but I don’t know where my heart is taken. To be honest, my level is very low, not at all a famous pointing Jiangshan, talk about the past and the present. Just tell me some of my blogging skills from the point of time saving and energy saving.

1, Google, Adsense techniques,

actually, I advise you to give up Google Adsense. Don’t spend time and energy on it. In China, no team or individual has gained the first pot of gold through it. The reasons are as follows:

Google Adsense don’t trust Chinese website, this point without explanation, Google, you will find that the kill account blog received $innumerable posts, mostly with the advertising. In addition, the use of pictures, music, or reproduced books on the website may involve copyright, these are the reasons for kill, so I do not want to blame Google more. But there seems to be no reasonable means of profit in addition to writing the original.

2, link exchange skills,


experts have warned us must do more high grade links, but in fact is not possible, you will and a low level than you and flow site exchange links? The answer is no, one, this skill is always right.

should be good at discovering new sites, especially the large capacity site, assuming that the site did not use the website management system of ordinary or developed by themselves, no matter how high your level and flow, the other how low will the chain! But there are not many such sites, nothing was more like a search Links you wanted the site of your site keywords and so on. You may find several of them each month.

, don’t swap links with websites that yell and exchange links in the QQ group. You’ll find these people too eager for utility, and your links will disappear anytime soon. Reasonable leave exchange links in their own home page, do not use self-service system, must select the kind of formal exchange sites, they do not have much time to cut the link at the same time, a good development trend.

3 and SEO techniques

this skill is equivalent to saying there is no skill, are used to flicker costs. All right, do not go to see SEO website, in accordance with the above Dafa to optimize your site, need to consider beforehand good funeral. If you really want to optimize, read the definition of HTML and describe your page in terms of htm. "SEO" only >

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