stands for agricultural, agricultural production data, including industry for chemical products, divided into fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, feed and veterinary drugs, including pesticides, fertilizers and seeds belong to the major of plant protection; feed and veterinary drugs belonging to animal protection groups, two professional independent, professional knowledge is different. China’s agricultural talent network is a professional focus on plant protection, agricultural products, talent, job search and enterprise recruitment market.

1: market analysis of agricultural talent network

1: pesticide enterprise has 4000 now;

2: seed enterprise has 8600 now;

3: fertilizer company has 2000 now;

There are about 200 thousand professionals in


summary: in terms of the number of enterprises and practitioners, there is a huge market, there is room for market operations.

two: agricultural industry, recruitment, job search,

1: professionals are very professional, and it is difficult for non professionals to enter;

2: recruitment time is concentrated, because crops have strong seasonal production characteristics, therefore, job hunting and recruitment behavior follow the crop farming behavior, all happened at the end of the year and the beginning of the year;

3: industry professionals less career change, and the industry is relatively narrow, high-level talent has been hunting behavior.

summary: professionalism determines the orientation of the job seekers, and should be seasonal, reasons, job recruitment short, flat, fast.

three: agricultural industry job recruitment approach

1: for the circle of concentration of the industry is small, many practitioners are the same in agricultural colleges or agricultural business background, so word of mouth, friends of friends has become an important way of agricultural industry job.

2: agricultural industry enterprises across the Yangtze River, North and south, provinces and cities have their well-known agricultural enterprises, so from the recruitment of geographical point of view, it is difficult to recruit in the same area.

3: from the above situation, we can see that the agricultural industry enterprises recruitment can not be completed locally, but only for the network, and therefore to the agricultural industry talent network brings space and value.

four: China agricultural talent network construction plan

1: domain name selection

a good domain name will undoubtedly bring help to the success of the website, and talent network domain for Industry and region identification +hr (job) as the first choice, followed by the selection of key words every word first Pinyin, Chinese agricultural talent network has adopted second methods, has been selected as the domain name, five keywords high and discernible related knowledge and easy to remember, as the viewer in the login website without depending on the search engine and directly enter the URL to lay a good foundation.

2: program selection >

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