campus network created the myth of SNS website, and then the emergence of a large number of SNS sites, of course, there are some good fun, home…… Just as hao123 was discovered by Baidu.

But the

SNS website have not fared well, almost did not see the big news reported, according to the SNS website and I feel observation, SNS website coming downhill.

SNS website is currently facing a common problem, the user viscosity by almost widget to maintain, but widget fun endurance in many online games, stand-alone game of flooding is particularly weak, more than two months of interest in the widget population of not more than 5%, then the SNS website "hot" only by new users continue to maintain. New users need a lot of publicity costs, and pull in, can not keep, publicity costs can not be a good recovery, profit is far away.

SNS, its biggest selling point in the "real" now is undoubtedly QQ and MSN’s wedding, and "real" friends having fun directly moved to QQ or MSN, in the SNS online chat more trouble ah, don’t let me download your SNS chat software, QQ, MSN, Taobao, Baidu HI UCTALK…… I’ve had enough. I’m not interested in you.

then, SNS website criticism, we found it:

1, its own core competitiveness did not form a strong viscosity

2 and widget products lack classic, universal viscosity, endurance is less than

3, did not find an effective profit breakthrough

how to resolve the three major issues? I have a preliminary idea, but small companies really can’t play, then the two companies or Tencent or Alibaba to play the most appropriate, especially Tencent.

the first and second problems to solve together, the SNS website is a "real core competitiveness", but the core competence to do the wedding dress for QQ and MSN. SNS is like a river. QQ and MSN are like two oceans. The upper reaches of the river, though constantly supplying good water, eventually flow to the sea and stop flowing in the river. So SNS had to own an ocean, the river water is diverted as its marine, QQ and MSN is IM leading to positive competition that is dead, so must the difference of competition, such as Taobao is using online trading success let Taobao in the IM market growth based on wangwang.

solved the first problem and the second problem, and naturally there was a blue ocean. The income was definitely no problem. It was only a matter of more and less. Therefore, in solving the first question and the second question, the discovery of the blue ocean must find the right direction, as long as the correct reconstruction of a Tencent or Alibaba, it must be a necessity.


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