core tip: domain name is a key link, is the first step in the armed site. Don’t take the domain name too seriously. Don’t take it too seriously". Do not take "corn" as dry food, note, ignore the consequences of domain names may be equivalent to the murder site.

Sina micro-blog independent enabled, the domestic portal and other micro-blog missed, eventually became the only match of sina micro-blog, micro-blog users in the occasion of people rush about telling the news around spreading, for no good domain name does not mean not success. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years to prove a truth, but it takes only three seconds to refute a truth.


the above picture is not without reason. Google Chinese was welcomed, with and domain, and even bought, such a set of domain names under the cooperation should be an achievement, but finally announced its withdrawal from China. Because Google does not understand China, not on the domain name does not understand, but the strategy does not understand. What about the brand? Owning doesn’t necessarily guarantee the Chinese market.


Baidu and Google in the domestic status is an iron case. Baidu in the country, is definitely the boss of the search industry. He has not scored the same Pinyin search, but to create a "Baidu" search brand, with the advantage of creating a domain name search brand name, not just ( is not necessarily more loud than "Baidu").


domain name is a key ring, is the first step of website armed, but not the permanent link, there is no absolute, domain name can make a success, the matching domain can also blind, not the number of, but also the existence of such a situation: matching domain + counterpart strategy = successful website. The latter is easier to win the first two.

so, do not tangle "domain name is what", "domain name is not what" and so on. The domain name is the site entrance, affects the site, whether to become cannon fodder depends on the domain name, also depends on the operation of the company. When is the bubble Yitang said he was poor, the domain name is not necessarily.

then, another way of thinking, if Google to enter the China, using the domain name, has a solid backing of the search industry, from the domain name armed to search content, then, whether all the Romans, today’s outcome will enable micro-blog? Sina instead of today, the embarrassment is far more than domestic micro-blog even if the boss? Tencent, NetEase, Sohu such as Sina and micro-blog to separation was also anshuang.

in short, agree with the "domain name count fart", but more agree with "no domain name, even fart is not", do not take the domain name "too seriously", nor ">."

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