online shopping has changed many people’s shopping habits, with the Internet terminal platform for social hot, "circle of friends" as the representative of the friend exchanges platform also let many people smell opportunities, become the purchasing of products, sales channels.

circle of friends overseas purchasing the very popular

low price, high-end is synonymous with sea Amoy, it allows consumers to buy cheaper goods overseas, including cosmetics, milk powder, diapers and other products in the most popular purchasing groups. Before buying imported cosmetics are mostly in the credibility of the protection of a large site, and later saw a circle of friends to buy WeChat friends in purchasing, in a friend who bought." Ms. Zhou told reporters, WeChat also really many friends of things like this small life liquid soap, toothpaste can buy, even frequently thousands of yuan can buy brand bags.


reporter in the WeChat search column input purchasing word, there is a series of public marketing account, the reporter saw, the WeChat store, in addition to milk, cosmetics, mainly in purchasing luxury goods, filled with all kinds of international famous brand clothing, handbags, watches. The random interviews with 6 friends of the circle of friends in WeChat, there are 4 people in the circle of friends who said WeChat had purchased goods.

implementation of the new regulations will regulate overseas purchasing

in purchasing a shopkeeper told reporters that these purchasing goods are much cheaper than the domestic counter, in addition to eliminating the imported cosmetics in China advertising, counter, personnel and other expenses, but also from these cosmetics are personal use items into the customs declaration and customs under the province.

but from this month, this overseas purchasing behavior will be standardized. Since August 1st, the General Administration of Customs "on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" formally implemented, the new regulations will implement key regulators of imported goods through the channels of trade in electricity providers. In addition, some of the name of the sea Amoy sale of counterfeit behavior will also be hit. The new regulations require that all operators to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business, logistics companies, the data to be connected through e-commerce platform and customs customs service network. E-commerce companies should import and export goods, items of information in advance to the customs registration of goods, items of information should include 10 customs commodity items encoding and recognition of cargo customs tariff 8. This is for fear of buying fake sea Amoy family, is a good.

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