went to a station party today and gained a lot of benefit. I think the sum up, the province have forgotten their points, so to the webmaster online to write to readers with their own.

we are almost every webmaster in considering a problem, how to successfully run a website, how do you do? I think should be in accordance with the law, and then hold on for a long time, can be harvested. So what’s the rule of standing? Here’s what I’ve learned:

1: do your heart.


website as their children to look at, and if you own!! give him the best food (content), the most beautiful and practical clothes (website), makes his living environment improved (program selection, the construction of the chain and so on). Only you take this seriously, you can go better next.

two: the content on the website not heteronomy.

wants to go its own characteristics, to make their own things (original content). For the most simple example, a lot of people reluctant to space money, website images are used without watermark picture Daolian, fortunately, the watermark picture right when you’re in advertising to others. This website how can long-term?? picture where a website linked your entire station on the N picture is X, but also how to attract customers? Let things on the site are their own! Don’t heteronomy so that you can go further.

three: the survival of the site, the most critical is not how you pull customers, but how to maintain existing customers.

pull customer tutorials, that is, we say that the promotion is everywhere, and the model is relatively mature. This basic, everyone will be more points. But there are very few tutorials to show you how to maintain your existing customers. In fact, I think for any website, is to maintain existing customers the most critical, and many owners just ignore this, most owners think members registered on the site, more than a member of OK, and then continue to pull down a member… In fact, this is very wrong. We should be working time each day is divided into 2 half and half for new members, half for the maintenance of existing members!! it is blind breaking corn, breaking one, lost a. It doesn’t make any sense.

four: mentality is very important.

this problem has been mentioned in more than one article, but still some people will be impetuous and impatient for success. That long after the fruit, not impatient. Standing is a long-term accumulation process, the above three points, we strive to accumulate, and seriously to carry out, and then everything to the time bar!


in fact, many things are very simple, including doing the same station, sometimes we want to complex, simple problems complicated, but not easy to succeed. Recognize the essence, and then do it step by step, there will be harvest! (http://s.15Lu.com webmaster original!

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