forum ability in after a period of questioning, with the integration of forum and community, forum and Fuli has been greatly improved, in the new situation, how to build a successful new forum became many webmaster concern, following the author from the three aspects of how to build a successful share have the super and decimating the


first: first of all, to build a solid Forum Foundation,

to create a forum, first have to clear a theme of the forum, are you ready to build what kind of forum, which involves the content, and then according to these content to divide the plate, in the beginning, don’t put too much the breakdown of the plate, as far as possible the general point, it is easy to cause the release of the contents of each plate comparison of the rich, give a person with a lively scene of

!After the

forum also established at this time to think of a way to find a forum moderator, moderator in this piece is best accomplished by material rewards, or many moderators are not what power, even if it is a friend to help, if there has been no material incentives, it is very easy to cause the Forum has become barren


went on to confirm the contents of the forum moderators and published specifications, not any garbage posts can be released, so make good for some and site theme restrictions and fetters, Never mind posts are to be given a shield, for obvious advertising stickers, are to be given a letter at this time will not be killed, in order to increase the amount of post on the forum allow anyone to release any garbage posts! To have a patient thought


second: two skills for active members

has an initial membership at the site, and it’s time to find ways to get the members active and cultivate their original loyal members through their activity. On the other hand, with more people joining the forum, how can we enliven the membership?

one: complete the registration time to welcome new members automatically send text messages in the member, in the short message to tell the member, usage of the forum and how to earn more points, and what kind of help in the forum, so as to stimulate these members will have a further understanding and experience of the Forum Forum of course, the desire in the short message to teach them how to post and reply! Of course related restrictions should also tell them, or let the new members always release is not successful, this will naturally lead to members of the offensive


: the second reward policy also has the skill, such as membership began to upgrade faster, this is a good way to cultivate loyalty, allowing members to obtain more short of money, prestige and the prestige, the more money, get help will be bigger, this will continue to make membership login to the forum members are therefore able to upgrade as soon as possible! But also can let the members of references, get more benefits! In fact, these methods in many Witkey website, SNS website has been widely;

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