1, the necessary condition of soft text is to arouse attention, can’t let the person sweep away the title. Then with many promotional content in them, so you can quickly make your ecommerce website readers attention, in the early establishment of the electronic commerce website, this is very necessary, can attract a number of early followers or potential customers.

2, the soft second role is to flow into, this effect is mainly with the SEO search engine optimization, we want to know the enterprise website traffic growth is very difficult, you through the soft, with a link, then someone will click, click this, bring traffic to the site. Such traffic may not be commercial or intentional traffic, but still has an impact on the initial development of the site. Understand SEO people know that if the site in the early part of a stable source of traffic, website structure and content set more reasonable, so the relevant keywords ranking will slowly rise up, although not fast.

3, the third role of soft Wen is to spread the author values. Soft soft Wen is not advertising, largely with personal views, such as writing the author a few days ago "theory to grasp the" popular keywords anxious, then bring the link your website, an expression of this on their own values, and through such soft Wen, not only can express their views. But also can play a website to bring traffic function. If your writing is good enough, you can attract friends of the same opinion and discuss progress together.

4, soft Wen’s fourth role is to bring your own web link, can increase the effective outside chain, guide search engine climb to your web site, so as to increase the search engine included in the probability and ranking.

soft text content and select the issue of soft places and other related issues

soft writing need to have certain readability, if not readable, readers will start off the page, then your website will not have readers Click to enter, or even have no desire, then this is the failure of the soft, causes of failure in addition to your writing ability, as well as the title of the soft Wen writing and soft release also are very important.

soft Wen title to take more attractive, the title is not attractive, a lot of people won’t see your article, your soft written better, also useless. In general, the new handwritten soft Wen, trying to suppress content, it is better to think a good point of the title.

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