hao123 site navigation, it should be one of the most well-known websites in the country, most of the new Internet users at the beginning of the web site, will go through the hao123 to find. And the industry or individual webmaster, may not often use hao123, but also from time to time pay attention to. For example, I used to look for good sites, talk about cooperation, through the classification of hao123 to find, the subconscious will feel, be hao123 included site is worse. Today will suddenly write this article, in fact, there is a big reason, but I do not say now, we read this blog will naturally know. Now through some of their previous experience with hao123, talk about some of the significance of hao123 included, and hao123’s role in the industry.

1: be hao123 included, there is traffic

remember the year before last, through a number of channels to understand, hao123 every day there are thousands of WUV, that is, every day there are thousands of W Internet users through hao123 to visit other websites. Hao123 every day such a high amount of visits, naturally to the included sites to the user volume is also very impressive. I have a friend of the owners before customers are included in the hao123 classification of the novel within the page, you guess how much traffic every day? At that time is 09 years, I understand from a friend under the data, said although the inside pages, but every day can get 20W users access data, a very alarming. Now, my friend’s Web site has been recommended to the home page hao123, the daily traffic will be more enormous.

is also included in hao123’s movies, videos and other classified pages within the site, at least every day can also get several WIP, high 10W above. In 07 years, through a few have been included in the hao123 small movie website to learn the data, because at that time and these sites have traffic flow cooperation, so there is a general understanding. At that time, hao123 film classification included a lot of small movie sites, but now basically can not see the shadow of these small movie sites, probably because of copyright reasons, hao123 have abandoned the included.

again, the industry site was included in the hao123 page traffic flow. I remember 07 years, I live with a roommate, but also 1 webmaster. He made a military industry website at that time, there was hao123 included page, then that can get thousands of W IP from the hao123 website every day, although not so high, but an industry website, can bring access to such a high level, already can have a great value.

through these data discovery, generally as long as purely entertainment nature of the site, if can be hao123 included, even if it is inside pages, also can get very expensive flow. If it is an industry site, there may be no entertainment, the site has a high traffic flow, but thousands of IP is still possible. No >

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