Witkey is a good name and it used to be very exciting. Industry sources said, Witkey is on the Internet for the sunshine operations, yes, indeed, Witkey with their own capabilities and competitors from all over the country, their spirit is good! But, Witkey also has three fatal point she inevitably.

‘s first fatal point: client draft selection.

you know how customers choose draft pick their most love?! what is the love? I love carrots and green vegetables, said green vegetables vegetables! Here is a simple example: LOGO design, the final 50 works, works in the public eye were divided into three grades, finally, he said his client. Love the medium, so the customer to choose their own love works bid, this is his power, and his preferences, not checked in addition to the designer, he did not taste, low vision, have nothing to say.

I am a friend, also do Witkey, spent a night to help people do copywriting, communicate with customers, customers say good, good, and the result is not he won the bid. The winner of the works, it is some poems and sentences, not a complete copy, in my view, I’m not sure of my friend’s works are the best, but I know the copy, not copy. To my surprise, my God, the author of the selection is said to be a department manager, but he knows nothing about even the bare copy of the paperwork.

suggested: "this problem can not be solved.". Of course, they do not exclude some kind of good will. If it is a bona fide preference, recommend Witkey website, set up a draft selection team, and give loyal suggestions to customers.

second fatal points: cheating can never be put an end to.

this is not to say that Witkey plagiarism, Witkey plagiarism is actually a good solution, the big deal, we do not choose her works. What I’m talking about here is customer cheating. After the customer sends the assignment, after has asked the friend to do, chooses own friend’s work to win the tender, he can do the seamless, nobody knows. Real name authentication bar, can not stop, judge IP bar, cheats will not please don’t save friends ah, if customers really want to cheat, really can’t put an end to!


suggested: "this problem can never be put an end to.". The only thing that could reduce cheating might be to improve the quality of the task. Of course, many people on Witkey website won the bid, and this is also a good try. Or simply find another trading model.

third fatal points: 100% prepaid tasks to release tasks.

100% is a prepaid task Witkey industry iron rules of the game! No advance full task, sorry, not to send! Who dares to take their own money to try to do? If you spend money, can not find the right to work, who is responsible, responsible for their own.

this also led to the task content is limited to the design, say good to hear is to focus on an industry, in fact, there is no way to escape. Thanks to K68, it’s a bunch of people

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