opens all kinds of webmaster forums. What are the most popular articles? What is their theme? Needless to say, it must be SEO.

believe that for all of you webmaster, whether it is a veteran of the Internet for many years, or just set foot in the Internet novice webmaster, SEO is not, or will not be an unfamiliar vocabulary. For some people, SEO means access, which means rice bowl. Let me put it this way,

but how do you really do SEO?? I believe this is confusing and desirable for many people. (this article is introduced and the technology of SEO, only some of the shallow talk about the author’s experience) a lot of people (especially personal Adsense), like author, for their own website (such as my Bryson net inn and SEO learning psychology). From basic to advanced SEO techniques, such as "white hat", "black hat" of various types and methods of SEO. Then put it into practice.

in fact, there is a lot of people: they learn a lot of SEO related technology, but in practice after a period of time, found no effect, then, some give up, some AdSense and instead choose a new SEO method, what is more, some owners even use the "black hat" (SEO to know that in the short term, "black hat" may make your site in the search engine performance was good, but in the long run, the site will be punished sooner or later. That is to say, "black hat" is a speculation. So, with the passage of time, many webmaster are down in the SEO on this bridge. As the author of the station: Bryson network, is now close to such a situation. So what should we do about this,


first of all, for giving up, the author will never accept. After all, when you have chosen this path, you must go on, for you are sure that you are on the right path. As Wang Guozhen said, since the choice of the horizon, so they only trials and hardships. Well, it’s a little far away. Let’s come back. Here’s the black hat". For the "black hat", the author holds the attitude itself is not to say yes or no. After all, different people do different things in the same way. If you want to make a profit in a short time, and then give up the station to do a new website, I think the "black hat" is actually optional.

of course, some people will choose new methods. Try changing your usual SEO method. For example, large-scale changes to keywords, and descriptions, internal optimizations of websites, and so forth. For these, there is no discussion here. Because the webmaster can only try to understand the search engine algorithm, but can not control. So, by trying, it’s possible to do your own website again. However, there is no small uncertainty, and this problem is not taken into consideration for the time being.

so, let’s get down to business. In fact, there is one of the easiest ways to persist. Phase.

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