Internet era, the rapid development of the Internet, such as the tiger mountain, development speed, such as. As Internet users, we are developing their own business, but also do not forget to pay attention to the Internet bit by bit, the Internet hot spots, the difficulties of the Internet, the Internet’s floating point, and so on. We are concerned about the development of the platform, I am concerned about the small growth of the industry, for our own products, for the development of their own website, if only rely on the replication source, to increase the weight and attention website? With the development of search engine, the Internet news portal dependence, greatly reduce the dependence on small the website news, the bottleneck of the development of local news websites also, the biggest advantage of news is the timeliness of news, the biggest drawback is precisely the timeliness of news. This will bring great resistance to the local news website, local news group is limited, and not so famous is no one knows the timeliness of news had no one to pay attention to. Then we can come to the conclusion that since the news is timeliness, then can we create a non – timeliness, or timeliness, but a wide range of attention,


, a website must have its own characteristics, to attract users to groups of features, 56 Network launched last year, "micro-blog arena", is very distinctive, worthy of our attention, the program attracted a large number of fans, and then become the 56 characteristics of the column, as a website editor, the source of the biggest problem the problem is the content of the website, is to create their own, or reproduced, reproduced is repeated too much, do not have the characteristic of the website, and the creation of the topic, feel very little, write, and think as hope. If we carefully observe others wrote articles, opinions or ideas worth mentioning, but is also the only real handy codeword, thought the soul is very small, not as a professional management person, every day in the management of writing articles, although a long time can write some logical, but also more in line with management of the article, but if there is no real management personnel engaged in material management, it is difficult to understand the essence of management, so as to have a new idea of birth.

1: attract professional talents to share experience with

if the content of the web site is not related to people in the industry experience is very difficult to have a talk a lot of nonsense, convincing, it is difficult to point to the hotkey is unable to touch the hearts of readers, how to attract users to come next time? We have written a composition, composition can be improved through a lot of reading and writing, which is built based on a lot of reading, a comprehensive website is a qualified editor should be learned in books, is an understanding of all walks of life, have a certain understanding of the site involved in all walks of life, for the original opinion, can eye only, can make the best of the article, in-depth articles to find out from the numerous in the article. To find such an article from a professional person’s writing, it is necessary to edit the standard

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