something happens, but if it doesn’t spread, it doesn’t happen.

yeah, do not know what is possible, but in others it seems, as a pleasurable occupation, is that there is no such a thing happened, the reason is very simple, no one knows where you do it. Something to do with meaning, have to let people know that people recognized, if others do not know what you are doing, and what you do is to let people know that, to do what is the difference? So communication is very important, to let people know you, know what you do that will spread. Let everyone who should know know.

then there are a variety of ways of communication, so there is advertising, there is speculation, with the virus…… It seems that all means have been used for the sake of communication. Some people want to spread the results, do not effect, but the effect of communication is very important. Only effective communication can achieve the best results.

do one thing, if you want to let others know, then you do publicity, let people know that you pay, to let you see your results. Do something meaningful,

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