, I have been in A5 for two years, and generally do not use numbers, just look at what the soft, and I have not written, you can say that the writing is also pretty rotten, and today to debut, hey hey,


the beginning of the 06 year I can contact the site before, do not know what the so-called space domain, the mobile phone is to start building the WAP website, is the mobile phone browsing, there is little traffic, from that time on my website is a get out of hand, thinking of his editorial content can make all over the country and even the global people to visit that is how proud, slowly when the small webmaster, also made some webmaster friends, friends looked at the WEB site are also good, I gave up WAP WEB began, I also don’t understand what these, from the HTML language, with a strong, slowly they can go to the source download some programs to modify, the starting is called the "86 music", resources from the post, so every day hundreds of IP, put 7 city bell ads, even by three Cha five have so few dollars income, because this is the CN domain name, have to listen to friends to sign up for a COM, this post basically is difficult to stabilize, with the COM as a YAHOO music thief, I want to go to the station named A5 on the songs ", presumably there should also be some webmaster" want to know the songs ", I modified the download from the Internet can not be used to clean up the thief, style, the source station released, hehe downloads surprised me, downloaded thousands of times, with more people, most have not removed my connection, Baidu included, get a lot of Baidu search volume, of course I get from them that the flow is also good, every day is about 5000IP, the bell’s income is also more than 100, since the end of 08, Baidu K off so many thieves, I called this thief station Not much traffic, but fortunately, when a person bought my domain name, earned 2000.

then himself did not stand, in early 09, I made a joke station with a NET of maize 08 years of registration, which is now the most happy inn, also began to live very hard, every day up to 200IP, slowly, I watched the statistics of a friend, I found in addition to search and a good source of traffic is navigation, I also started from the navigation submitted, traffic also increased, every day there are 2000IP, in the submission of navigation at the same time, also with some well-known navigation editor, I stood by a clean, often update, to persuade these cattle navigation friends have. Their power, now I stand every day in the IP million, PV is hundreds of thousands, the website also from the virtual host can only take the next step, I also in the planning of new sites, I hope that you will try to Oh, I also want to The success is still far away, and finished, I hope you support the next happy post, written terrible, and I hope you forgive me, not easy to drum up courage to come to….


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