many owners do not want to do local county stations, because the county itself is a small number of Internet users, information collection difficulties, the growth of interest is unclear. And do local county station need to work hard, the initial more should be the attitude of service first, long-term adherence will certainly have a good money.

is a local station, a local name is very important, should be simple and clear, because now a lot of station, good domain name has been registered, in the domain of respect to work, and China users first com after CN, and then the other, so the choice of domain name must be suited to the habits of Internet users.

select the domain name, the focus is the content of the collection, and then let Baidu give you a starting weight, don’t expect others will at once know that you stand in your station, what message, so start looking for their own content, other sites to place my way is to look at the content of local news every day. The contents of the good and the local content reproduced over, and slightly processed into their own content, so now a lot of content is first included my station, now many regulars from the search all know my station.

found the money from the local station statistics antecedents, future profit growth point is definitely not the advertising alliance, but the local characteristic service, a successful case of my station for some time, some time ago I issued a local government organized recruitment, and the key words "the antecedents of a Dongtai recruitment hundreds of people visit every day visits station is 1000, and I know there is a lot of people through the keywords need jobs, will this news and relevant units, and many units by my advice, at the fair was no small harvest, but also solve the employment problem of some people for Dongtai, the feeling is very meaningful, of course, I also get my return should be

!Finally I wish all the webmaster of the future


small show local station: (think AD do not enter, this station text information station)

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