if an organization is a machine, every member of the organization is a part of the machine. It needs a process to connect itself, and a system is needed to ensure the operation. Machine parts not long-term consolidation, not love, will give birth to rust, will produce teething problems. We should know that when buying a new car, the new car has a running in period, the running in period, domestic demand, careful driving, and more care, in order to play in the car after the period to play a better effect, so that the car’s life can be long. In the process of the operation of the machine parts, running each other eventually reach a coordinated process, it takes time to fit in, after also need to maintain and add lubricant, so as to make the machine run more smoothly. Also need to run in between people, to understand each other and be familiar with the establishment of trust and trust in members of a team in, from together formed the goal and direction of joint efforts, in the community management, management members and dissent is not afraid, afraid of enmity and mistrust.

people are not perfect, every person has their own contacts and can not touch the place, through mutual cooperation and trust, so that they can have a wider range of contacts, can make their own transactions more smoothly. We are not likely to do everything for ourselves, will not be their own director, will not reach their own place, and other members of the team to deal with, as long as each other has a deep trust and understanding, things will become.


community management team established, many administrators know each other in more than two years, I deeply trust everyone’s cooperation and affection, but the integration with the new administrator, at present, many large problems. Old administrator with new administrator has not seen remarkable results, new and old administrator integration is not ideal today. Now the environment is good, offline gatherings, the administrator exchanges and feelings instead of light.

hope you, in the process of mutual communication and cooperation in more positive, more active, more active to learn and communicate the old administrator, other administrators, more mutual study, more exchanges.

sees Zheng Guofan today, feels, and shares with everyone.

Qing Dynasty Taiping Rebellion, the Qing Dynasty had no soldiers available. A blow is a break, and a peace army has few resistance.

the soldiers had deserted. The soldiers, towns, lax discipline, discipline uneven in quality, not entire, the battalion officers are regarded himself as a leader, and other business cooperation, the Department of the army and are unable to control, under the jurisdiction of court supervision ineffective. The non cooperative with each other, difficult to form a joint force against the enemy. That the Taiping army a road victory.

Zheng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang in the troubled times, self training and scavenging habits, Hunan, the Taiping army for the central plains. The success of the core is disciplined, with strong cohesion, reward penalty into retreat, strict requirements for internal collaboration. Xiang Bing was first built, and Ling Zi Ying Ze word camp breaking the Taiping Army in Jiangxi, as the first win of hunan. But Ze Ze Ying camp in Nanchang, when the volt, ridge word camp does not rescue

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