13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year has a very good start, February 14th is the closing session of the CPPCC, at the same time, also in 2016 China development good start. Tiananmen square flag fluttering, solemn Great Hall of the people. Spring of Beijing, witnessed a memorable moment in the history of the live, live in Anhui members to participate in the closing session of the CPPCC National Committee, the consensus set sail again!

3 14 PM, the closing session of the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee held in the Great Hall of the people in the four. 22 members live in Anhui Province and from all walks of life, more than 2000 CPPCC members together, walking vigorous, from the city hall, the east gate of the upper and lower levels.

the proposed event, seek good policy, in the past 12 days, live in Anhui members closely around "13th Five-Year" the beginning of suggestions. Talk about the development of the reform, the people’s livelihood, heated discussion inside and outside the venue, frank exchanges, maximize consensus, convergence of wisdom, enhance confidence.

"is the consensus, cooperation base, unity and struggle to" in the Zhao Han committee opinion, this meeting makes the CPPCC members sit together extensive exchanges, painted on a concentric circle, enhance the par consciousness to the community, in accordance with the central deployment of good work lay the foundation.

is pragmatic, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Anhui Provincial Higher People’s court vice president Wang Limin members of the conference’s intuitive feelings. "Whether the contents of the report, the venue will be the wind, or members of the discussion perspective is very down to earth," Wang Limin said, the wind will pragmatic to work, the spirit of the meeting to convey to the side of the cadres and the masses, according to the meeting request, do Law enforcement and judicial reform work.

"excited", from the national constituency Mourinho Kefa members expressed their feelings of participants, with four words   "listen to the government work report this year, the CPPCC Standing Committee work report, can clearly feel the central of ethnic minorities, focus on the economic development of ethnic regions, in the precise poverty a comprehensive well-off society in the 56 national one less, indicating that the central determination, also get a warm response and discussion."

"as chairman Yu said, all recommended

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