hot pot, but the food has thousands of fans, the hot pot industry prospects for development are also obvious to everyone. And now the winter is approaching, it is a good time to enjoy the hot pot, and now open a hot pot shop has a lot of advantages! So open a rotating self-service hot pot shop, then the future development prospects? The next small series will take you to understand.

    self rotating Hot pot to fill the gaps in joining the catering industry, with a population of one billion and three hundred million Chinese market, will bring huge profits to the franchisee in return, the hot market prospects, is an ideal choice for your business to get rich. The project is still blank in the domestic market, the development of a huge future, all of which will be in the short term, to bring you money.

    traditional food and beverage industry gross profit between 40% – 60%, (more than last year) consumption, high consumption. Fierce competition。 Word of mouth (based on everything is good) and customer relationship is the most important. Due to the development needs of the catering industry, in order to join the convenience and Hot pot rotation – the development of new health considerations, have great originality without slag pot, the pot keeps lasting pure flavor and does not affect the Hot pot, diners eat regular meals, be strong and durable, Shabu without residue trouble.

    rotating self help hot pot to overcome the shortcomings of the hot pot business light, the obvious difference in season management. Assist store launched cold pot series, dry pot series, health pot series, cold dish series in the off-season, really let the stores do not talk about the off-season, the season more prosperous.

    self rotation now joined in addition to butter Hot pot type Hot pot tradition, but also the development of edible vegetable oil, green peppers, green Hot pot Hot pot Feicuiyu mushroom soup, Hot pot Wang Hot pot, sour radish duck soup, pay attention to nutrition and health Hot pot Hot pot, franchisees and customers to meet new and different requirements.

    self rotating Hot pot is a new business model Hot pot shop, the successful operation of the business model will allow more entrepreneurs to see the development advantages and development potential of the industry self rotating Hot pot. Xiao Bian also took everyone to fully understand the future development potential and advantages of rotating self-service hot pot store, if you want to open a hot pot shop, rotating self-help hot pot is very good oh!

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