follow the footsteps of the times, continuous development, to adapt to the needs of the market, in order to be a good foothold in the market. According to the needs of the development of Panzhihua, actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, so that the development of the road to meet the needs of the times, so that enterprises have more competitive strength.

from the city of Science Bureau, from the city of science and technology research, technology research, improve the detection ability, to carry out exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and other five aspects of efforts to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, promote enterprise to improve the product quality and create local brand.

in science and technology, climbing around the implementation of major scientific and Technological Innovative Strategic Resource Development Zone West for nearly 3 years, supported by project 28, 340 million yuan of funds, driven by the total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, the formation of Aluminum Alloy, aerospace grade 1300MPa grade heavy haul rail is the core competitiveness of products.

Research on

technology, focusing on promoting agricultural products (000061, stock it) key technology research, development and key technology of mango, late spring vegetables and fruit and vegetable products transformation, excellent quality, outstanding characteristics, 2 varieties of vegetables national varieties. Improve the quality of product testing capabilities, the completion of the national vanadium titanium products quality inspection center, the national metallurgical products testing laboratory, the development of vanadium series of products in the domestic leading level.

at the same time, the city has held "Panzhihua vanadium titanium forum and Academy of Sciences activities for 3 consecutive years, set up academic exchange mechanism expert with Ukraine, Australia and other countries, the high pure metal iron, iron powder metallurgy and other cooperation projects to achieve tangible results. The city also adhere to carry out patent navigation and early warning, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, escort for enterprises to go abroad.

in the process of scientific and technological innovation, the need for enterprises to actively take the right decisions, continue to strengthen their own brands. At the same time, the support of local related units can be more effective to promote the success of scientific and technological innovation, can effectively carry out the transformation and development of the local economic development also plays an important role in promoting.

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