eleven, in addition to Huang Xiaoming and Angela Baby’s wedding Shuabing, there is a heavy message on the network caused extensive discussion, that is the U.S. group and public comment the merger. A lot of people are asking the United States and the public comment on the cooperation really good? Here’s what Mr. Meng Yonghui thinks.

industry, with the U.S. group and the public comment is that the industry competition will be more intense. Although the size of the market is very large, but the development momentum of Baidu Nuomi and word of mouth network still can not be underestimated. And if the combination of the two models is still unable to improve the profitability of the development model, then Baidu Nuomi and word-of-mouth network for the market share situation will not change, but the challenge for both will continue. Although both can spend the winter of capital, but to usher in the spring is still an unknown.

users, American corporations and public comment hand to hand combat let the user really get the benefits of competition in the market, after the merger of the two, the heat is bound to competition will weaken, and thus lead to monopoly crisis will let users in a kidnapped position. Although Baidu and Ali is still in force, but in a short period of time will be difficult to shake the U.S. group and the public comment market position, although there will still be competitive, but fierce competition estimates less than before, the future users may get benefits will be greatly reduced.

itself after the merger, the U.S. group and the public comment, the new company will adopt double CEO joint system, how to eliminate the gap between the two, back to the same track will be solved in the future a period of the problem. And if the system allows users to integrate the two systems, billing systems and other internal systems to achieve unity and integration will also bring some challenges to them.

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