is now a large number of small and medium enterprises in Hefei, the relevant government departments are also vigorously promote the development of small and medium enterprises. In the first meeting held yesterday in Hefei city Small and micro businesses hit two demonstration work leading group, Hefei City Mayor Zhang Jun said, Hefei will open to the United States cargo flights twice a week, the next day to the goods, the freight flights are expected to bring agglomeration effect of cross-border electricity supplier for Hefei.

, Jianghuai Jianghuai morning news network reporter learned from the meeting, Hefei has successfully nominated the first small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship innovation demonstration base city "(referred to as the" two hit model "), becoming the country’s 15 two hit model city" of the central government to give 900 million yuan reward support is expected in 3 demonstration city during the year.

"get this a gilded signboard is not easy, want to complete the national pilot task is not easy." Zhang Qingjun at the meeting asked the relevant departments to come up with a good plan to put the policy in place, and create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere in the city.

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