open fast food restaurant is nothing? It is either a fast-food takeaway, catering brand from takeaway is to cut off sources of revenue, and the rise of the express industry doomed takeaway industry prosperity, then open a fast-food takeaway? Can you get rich?

a, broad market

according to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "2016-2021 Chinese online takeaway industry depth analysis report: competition pattern and investment strategy" data show that only the year 2014, online takeaway market reached 15 billion 176 million yuan. In the first quarter of 2014, but the transaction size of 2 billion 161 million yuan, up to $6 billion 20 million in the four quarter, the quarterly growth rate of more than 20%.

and Chinese according to Analysys think tank released "the Internet takeaway food market trend forecast" report shows that in 2018 the entire catering market scale will reach 4 trillion, takeaway market size will reach 245 billion 500 million yuan, such a huge market size, so that fast food restaurants have a larger market and create potential. Such a broad demand, open a fast food restaurant is still very good.

two, online platform multi

with the fierce market competition, the change of people’s lifestyle, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, there are three mobile phone online takeaway giant kill fighting, fast food shops are now more on this platform for customers, for the fast-food restaurant to say is a very favorable situation, fast food the store can better expand their business.

three, low cost

open a takeaway shop does not need to hire a lot of people, only need one or two attendants to take good care of the store’s business can be the main or online platform orders, now takeout heavyweights have their own business, do not need to pay too much cost for their


through the introduction, I believe we are very clear to open a takeaway fast food restaurant is a very good choice!

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