underwear is something every female is unavoidable, sell underwear also basically are women, we should have seen the people open the lingerie store there are men, but there is such a true warrior, as a male, he actually opened a lingerie store, never thought the business would then good! />

2000 early naval aviation sun Hu took off the military uniform, he left the Garrison for more than two years of Paracel Islands. The year he was 20 years old, from the sea to the land, he began to think about the future after a year, decide on what path to follow, at a friend’s introduction, he came to the strange Taizhou, from the beginning of an electric vehicle battery brand agent, opened his career life.

2012 bra steel ring "38" women’s day, "Su Rui underwear" opened the first store in Luqiao, new products are welcomed by the market soon. Today, the brand has been in Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have more than and 80. Taizhou city streets of the bus body, you can see Rui Rui underwear advertising.

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