shop want to attract more people, not only need good products, quality service, at the same time, the name of the same personality is also necessary. Now, in Xinjiang Yining city shops more and more streets and lanes distribution, some businesses in order to attract consumers, the name is unique.

10 month 20 days, the reporter saw in the Army Road, interesting name fashion, many shops, such as selling clothes with "beautiful clothes", "clothing" love, selling tea "tea", "San Bai cup of tea hair, the name" Starbucks "," Hello, beautiful "the delicious food store again"…… The unique name, let people find everything fresh and new, not in a look at what.

this, Lee gleefully told reporters that she Home Furnishing lived in Stalin near the road, there is a name such as "clover" fall into a reverie, boutique, "Yao Tiao lady" women’s clothing store, "girlfriend cosmetics" cosmetics shop, there is a square named "duck neck to look up"…… "Every time I pass by here, look at the name, I feel very interesting, feel it is hard to store. This is also a kind of culture." Ms. Lee said, admire the name of the shop owner.

reporter walked into a company called Lippie lipstick women’s clothing store, the store to fashion women’s clothing, are nowadays young people like style. Owner Ms. Zhao said: "the clothing store opened has been three years, the name is carefully pondering, originally wanted to take a English name up, but there are provisions to write Chinese, he thought his nickname is Lippie, with Chinese, when is the lipstick, lipstick and dress was born, so only a good mind, but also memorable."

Stalin road three lane near a named "love feet" socks owner Liu said with a smile: "you see this name ok. Socks shop was opened in December last year, has opened a good income. The original name is over a period of time, then think of the main health socks, begins with a single step, then to take care of their feet, so "love feet" the name surfaced in my mind. Many consumers here to buy a pair of socks are nice name."

these names are "create new styles in order to attract customers." During the interview, a shopkeeper told reporters, it is memorable, to attract popularity, let everyone remember his shop, some customers see the name more offbeat, will feel that the store would be more fashionable, so to attract a lot of consumers.


in Yining city in seven a "tea" tea shop, is very popular with the students, not only because of the tea drink, and many people think the tea shop have more personality, meet the tastes of students. A third Wang told reporters that he first entered the tea shop to drink the tea is the name >

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