chat can also make a lot of money, 2012 new investment projects, see the full network of small thin way for you to! When she was 15 years old, regardless of family opposition, resolutely quit to work. In order to make money, she has done sales, clerical staff, stood counter. At the age of 17, when she became a small boss began to fight. However, the cause is not Everything is going smoothly. inexperienced her, suffer a big, in the business world. Only then did she realize the importance of knowledge to a businessman.

see the time is ripe, her work to earn the money in the past, in a place not far from the school rented two rooms, please be decorated with simple warmth, have a unique style. In this way, her dream of " talk about " declared the birth, which is the first in Henan ah. Because it is a new thing, she was smart enough to radio, newspapers and other media reported that did not spend a penny will be their own " chat " advertising played out.

in her 21 years old, she leaned on the pot of gold earned by others, set up a company called " the Haitian red " Information Technology Co. Ltd., a young manager. Her name is " Zhang Meiying " a typical example of making money with the brain.

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