every graduation season, students began planning their own direction in life, employment or business, this is a difficult choice, and the college students after graduation resolutely chose not the same entrepreneurial path, a different interpretation of the story.

has not yet graduated from the University, start empty-handed guy in Zhengzhou bought a house and a car; he handle to buy two hundred luxury cars, but also through his school teachers to buy a Land Rover; he is less than 3 years on the establishment of the company, make millions, by surrounding the students is regarded as a myth and legend……

voice: bargain seemingly simple, but how to buy high quality and inexpensive goods through debate or other means, is not so simple, even if not a knowledge, also can be used as a business to business.

6 at noon on the 13 day, in the school campus through a Land Rover suv. The young man smiled and said: "this is a teacher, he also bought by me."

voice: they do not need to invest money, not cut prices did not lose, I have what good afraid?

first step network to find business opportunities, show small skill

1991 was born in the year of the Wang Bo home in Pingluo County of Ningxia Shizuishan city. 2010 admitted to Zhengzhou University law school. Interested in the car, he found a phenomenon in the network browsing: all over the country car 4S shop, on the same car with the same configuration, quotes are not the same, some of the price of up to several million. Wang Bo believes that there is a business opportunity.


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