21 century is an era of entrepreneurship promotion, at the same time, all is active in establishing a series of business platform to help the majority of entrepreneurs to complete business goals, the first national first domestic media venture + platform recently in Shandong Qingdao Qidong.

8 18, the first domestic first domestic media "VC +" platform "Yue Longmen · hit off the win in Qingdao launched more than 200 guests and representatives from investment institutions at home and abroad to witness the launch event, Shandong Dazhong news group deputy editor, peninsula city newspaper President Zheng Libo. Qingdao City People Club Bureau Ji Min, municipal education, broadcasting, science and technology department leaders and guests from all walks of life together for the project. The project sponsor, the platform of strategic partners and investment institutions, well-known business service organizations signed jointly take advantage of "Yue Longmen · a customer win Qingdao help create a city of innovation, venture capital".

"Yue Longmen · hit off the win by Peninsula media financial development center, Qingdao TV news channel, Qingdao leisure guests win Management Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly launched, aimed to build the first set of media integration, situational roadshow, the whole chain of hatching in one of the" VC + "platform, on behalf of the Qingdao. For the country. The most active group of radiation, the most powerful investment institutions, the formation of the most powerful, most influential, the most valuable venture capital + platform. The platform to meet the needs of Qingdao "three hit", highlighting the enhancement of creating attractive, prominent investment institutions on the demand docking platform construction forces for convergence, highlighting the government, was hit off the team and investment institutions to provide information exchange and project docking channels, the formation of "full media + full service + whole process of incubator the model, eventually forming a brand show, a venture capital fund, a theme park, commercial architecture to create sustainable development.

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