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times, the corresponding national "positive innovation, entrepreneurial call, Chengdu introduced more than and 20 well-known public record space, hope to effectively promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu.


from all over the country’s entrepreneurs, partners in sharing, rapid turnover of PPT screen; the glass compartment, recommend pre settled several team enthusiasm to visitors; a lovely golden retriever dog, carrying a Go-Pro (small wearable Sports Camera) over the shuttle, all the real-time recording.

this is the afternoon of June 4th, five Tianfu street, Chengdu, Jing Rong International Plaza,, the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Railway Station 3W space scene. The same day, 3W eleventh physical stores in the country, the official meeting with entrepreneurs in Chengdu. Since March officially put into operation, including the 3W space, including Rong Rong International Plaza has introduced more than 20 well-known domestic and international public space.

compared with the traditional incubator, these spaces are very different, will be brought to Chengdu entrepreneurs are also different.

redefines the space

entrepreneurs do not want traditional office

wearing Go-Pro’s Golden Retriever is a gimmick? The answer is: Golden Retriever is an entrepreneur’s pet, is already one of the members here. 3W space allows entrepreneurs to bring pets to work.

In the

3W space CEO Wang Feiqin, started from the cafe business 3W, now the core resources to the public record space tilt, the basic logic is: 85, after 90, even after 95 Internet indigenous entrepreneurs, what is the desire to socialize and no boundaries, they want the office environment is different from the traditional office floor.

in the 3W space, the space design is not only from the perspective of aesthetics, its core is the carrier of physical office space based on, in order to share the connection for the idea, in space and space, space between people and between people and the space formed between the service and the community, the three kinds of value, stimulate entrepreneurial team loyalty and inspiration.

in order to enhance the reality of technology in the development of furniture sales system Chengdu Rui Li Yuan technology, is about to start from Tianfu street, a high-grade office, moved into the international plaza. The reason for moving, CEO Feng Rui said, first, the atmosphere is good, the atmosphere can bring the team’s psychological encouragement; two is a good match, the company will be more convenient to hold activities here.

miniaturization, miniaturization trend, office demand tends to be convenient, comfortable and mobility, people can freely choose to work

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