a lot of time to grow more important than success, only a strong heart, and only have the power to live a passion. "After 80" is a controversial generation, but in this dispute, they have become the backbone of society, began to compete in the field of social wealth, and achieved remarkable results. A 80 year of college students store, let people sit up and take notice.

have parents that, Tao Liqun began to find the master site, and decorating stores, every little detail shop qinliqinwei. In the teacher’s guidance and their own exploration, Xintian baking New Road shop in December 26, 2006 officially opened.

quality materials, good taste, and soon won the customer favorite, also won a good report card. The success of the operation, and soon let Xintian baking second, third stores in the streets of Shaoxing. Tao Liqun also completed a magnificent turn from the student to the merchant.

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