comply with the needs of the development of the times, respond positively to the call of the state, in the process of economic development, effective innovation and entrepreneurship, and constantly promote the new development of the economy. According to the current social environment of the global trend, Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship fair officially unveiled, we know the specific.

2016 · China; Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair today (24) days officially launch June 23rd, reporters learned from the organizing committee, from June 24th to June 26th a fair will be held in Chengdu New International Convention Center, international friendship city mayor and representative, Nobel laureates, China academicians and world renowned scientists, international the innovation of institutions, more than 500 well-known enterprises such as the world heavyweight guests.

2015 in November 9th, with the Tenth China – EU investment and trade cooperation in science and Technology Fair held in Chengdu, Chengdu took the lead in the country held the first global innovation and entrepreneurship fair in Chengdu. This is the first time to host the global entrepreneurship and innovation brand event, set up an important platform for international exchanges and cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, to become a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship banner.

in Chengdu last year, the world’s first rendezvous site, attracted a total of more than 150 investment institutions, to participate in the creation of a fair contest, road show, on-site trading projects reached 2686, the transaction amounted to $5 billion 320 million.

, unlike last year, the Chengdu new rendezvous of national, international high-end forum and competition activities, provide new exhibition and exchange platform for the global exhibition innovation city and national high-tech parks and enterprises, new talent trading, equity investment transactions and other trading activities; not only to the present international and high-end and innovation, trading and exhibition experience five features, will create the world’s first all elements of innovation and entrepreneurship display trading platform.

During the

meeting, will be held 18 activities, 12 forums, 300 exhibitors will showcase the latest achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship and participate in many roadshow activities, held at the same time to the United States and Europe, in addition, China and South Korea 4 international activities.

It is reported that

, during this time a fair will be held in China US youth hit off contest in Chengdu branch and China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the former is expected to have 300 entries, which will have 16 entrepreneurial team of China and South Korea (enterprise) competition.

A rendezvous in Chengdu behind the

global success, is to promote the "double" the vigorous development of the situation in Chengdu. At the beginning of 2015, Chengdu took the lead in the country to promote the name "venture Tianfu" action plan management activities, then Chengdu city held various innovation activities in more than 1300 games, attracting more than 400 thousand passengers involved in creating, have intention to invest more than 10 billion yuan. This year, Chengdu has launched a business day recommended

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