despite the fact that many people are stressed that the name is better, this will help to the shop late business development however, countless people in this piece are not able to have a real experience. So, a good name is really important? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few cases.

when shopping, as long as the lookout, you will find that now a lot of names have very interesting. Such as the Han Zhong home "looking to the future" glasses shop, Hunan Road Carpenter Tan comb store, clothing store "returning migrant workers with", the barber shop is tricky — "a love" and "flow Haier" and "new agency"……

also has a lot of stores because of its bad name to infamy, a restaurant called "Chengdu tower code", has caused widespread controversy, the boss quibble: Beacon / terminal / land, is the hearts of the holy land of seafarers, the business sector has been renamed to.

businesses have to take a good name as the store opened before a priority, a shopkeeper joked to his shop name than to his own child named him brains, finally spent thousands of yuan please hand "shop for".

is now a lot of boutiques to seize the fashion pursuit of the United States and the United States alternative psychology, in attracting their first glance on the mind.

in Nanjing Xinjiekou specializes in selling fashion boutique, called "where no", the unique name makes this shop in Nanjing has been famous, many consumers said that they are because of the name, understanding, and love of the store began to patronize. No one can’t be an ordinary person.

another operating women’s clothing store, which is very fashionable foreign trade clothing, each is unique, only one, so many urban white-collar workers will often come to patronize this store. According to the owner Wang introduced, this shop is the original name "lady dress", has just opened when the business has been very weak, once faced "the horrors, propaganda, put up the shutters" discount, do everything possible to have no improvement, finally changed the name to her friends, to "hopeshow", "Chinese tea, even attracted many passers-by stop here. "Hope" is that "show" is displayed, and the two is the pronunciation of the word "tea" (tea): worthy of the name to show promise, classic, romantic, fashion.

West have dumpling house name "Prince Dumpling King", it is to cater to customer’s psychology that most are noble prince, eating uncomfortable, listening to it! And the name cleverly uses the consistency of mindfulness and inversion.

and this is the same as the

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